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Modern Features To Look For In Your Portable Restroom Rental

Do you plan to rent portable toilets for an event? If so, you may be unaware of some excellent upgrades that make modern portable toilets an advanced experience in comparison to those of yesteryear. Many people think of basic one unit portable toilets, but there are a number of features that you can choose from that can transform your views of portable restrooms from basic to fabulous. The following are a few features that you should keep in mind.


Perhaps there will be people in attendance who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Choosing a portable toilet or restroom that is handicap accessible will ensure that these individuals are not inconvenienced.  For example, if your event is a makeshift shopping location such as a swap meet or farmers market that will be routinely set up at the same location several times a month or year, you likely want to ensure that you can conveniently open your event to as many people as possible with hopes that they will continue to show their support. Your attention to accessibility details may garner new supporters for your cause due to people appreciating being able to easily navigate your event and access restrooms easily. 

Solar Powered

This is a feature that you will appreciate if you would like to have features such as lighting and air conditioning in your portable restroom solution. If your event is an outdoor wedding or another type of ritzy event, you could benefit from choosing a luxury portable restroom and a few single portable toilets to ensure adequate access and comfort.

Running Water 

Perhaps you are more familiar with standalone portable toilets. They are usually too small to have a sink inside of them, but a water supply is usually closeby for people to wash their hands after using the restroom. Some single portables may also feature a sanitizing station on the exterior for people to use, but many people will appreciate being able to use the restroom and wash their hands at a central location. This can be achieved by opting for a restroom rental. 

Finished Floors

This is a feature that can be found in luxury units. The floors may be covered with high-quality flooring materials such as linoleum, faux stone, or finished wood. These floor coverings can make your event appear to be more elegant. You may want to use portable restrooms with finished floors for weddings or events that people have to pay an entrance fee or cover charge for. 

A portable toilet provider (like AAA Pumping Service) is a good resource to use to determine which features will best complement your event type and budget. They can also help you calculate the estimated number of toilets you will need based on your anticipated headcount of attendees.

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